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NC Governor's Race Still Undecided; State Board of Elections to Hold Meeting

25 November 2016
NC Governor's Race Still Undecided; State Board of Elections to Hold Meeting

Attorneys for Pat McCrory and Roy Cooper campaigns are set to lay out arguments in support of their candidates' positions to the North Carolina State Board of Elections on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday's recount was filed to meet the original date statutorily specified, although the formal recount will not occur until after the county boards of election certify their results.

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory announced on Tuesday he has officially requested a recount of votes from the November 8 election with official results showing him trailing his Democratic challenger, Attorney General Roy Cooper, by one-tenth of a point.

The Cooper campaign said it came to its larger vote margin by citing election observers in each county who have tallied numbers not yet uploaded onto the election board site.

U.S. Rep. David Price, D-N.C., said critics of the McCrory campaign say the allegations of wrongdoing are an attempt to undermine the legitimacy of N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper's win.

At least eight county election boards controlled by Republicans have rejected McCrory's appeals so far. We have already witnessed Roy Cooper's lack of regard for justice in North Carolina when he was stripped of control of the State Bureau of Investigation. "And that's what we're seeing here", said Logan Smith of Progress NC. The court said the law illegally suppressed black votes. "Instead of attacking North Carolina voters and undermining our democratic process, Governor McCrory needs to accept his defeat and concede", Elias said in a news release.

Gov. McCrory has questioned votes in more than half of North Carolina's counties.

The hearing started promptly at 10 a.m. Tuesday.

The arguments will be made by each side as part of a special meeting convened by the board to discuss guidance the board will provide to county boards of elections regarding protests that have been filed.

Progressive leaders are calling on Gov. McCrory to concede to Cooper.

North Carolina state law says that if the legitimacy of the election and voting process is questioned, it's up to the state legislature to decide who is the victor.

Given the closeness of the race, McCrory's camp says it makes sense to wait until every last vote is counted for either side to claim victory.

We want to give the McCrory camp the benefit of a doubt, but as this continues to drag out and embarrass our state, it sounds more like sour grapes than concern for the democratic process.

Local elections boards are continuing to resolve protests and count any remaining absentee and provisional ballots.