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ARK: Survival Evolved Gets VR Tie

16 December 2016
ARK: Survival Evolved Gets VR Tie

Ark Park was developed by Snail Games' Peacock Studio, with input from Ark creator Studio Wildcard.

Ark Park ties in to Survival Evolved and the Scorched Earth expansion in that you can upload creatures from those games and bring them into Ark Park's petting zoo. ARK Park is a "relaxing" experience in a lush world filled with prehistoric creatures and features multiple "primal environments" with various creatures.

Ark Park's announcement comes two weeks after ARK: Survival Evolved was officially announced for the PS4, despite the studio initially saying that the game would only be released on PC and, after the game sold over a million copies in Steam Early Access, the Xbox One. Snail Games is bringing more than 100 of ARK: Survival Evolved's huge beasts to the park for you to enjoy. ARK Park seems to be a bit like a take on Jurassic Park, except for the fact the dinosaurs don't escape from their habitats and try to eat visitors. You can explore on foot, in a vehicle, or on the back of a dinosaur in some cases. Players will participate in a multiplayer tour, so they can share the visceral gameplay and the thrill of witnessing dinosaurs up-close and personal.

The trailer looks like something Disney would produce with its child-like wonder and orchestral music, and promises you will interact with these creatures and explore places like rain forests, snow-capped mountains, and even great plains.

Dinosaur fans will be happy to learn of the announcement of Ark Park, a virtual reality experience based on the world of ARK: Survival Evolved in which players can get closer than ever before with our reptilian precursors.

Snail Games hasn't revealed a concrete release date for ARK Park, but the developer said we could expect the game in 2017 for all three major VR platforms.