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Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Ezekiel Elliot, Dak Prescott Overworked By Cowboys?

07 December 2016
Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Ezekiel Elliot, Dak Prescott Overworked By Cowboys?

Eleven in a row!

The Vikings' next game is December 11 at Jacksonville.

The 17-15 win over the Minnesota Vikings wasn't pretty, but Prescott presided over a key road victory against a conference opponent still in the playoff hunt, keeping their distance from the rest of the NFC. Maybe this is what Michael Irvin wanted last week, when he hoped for a loss against Washington. Something that would cause the team to re-focus and realize how much it still needs to work on. "I mean, you got holding calls all over the place that people don't want to call, Bradford gets hit in the face at the end of the game and you don't call it". In other words, Dallas Cowboys actually defeated Minnesota Vikings in Vikings home. Instead, Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott found Dez Bryant from 8 yards out on the next play and the Cowboys never trailed again. But that was all before Dallas had running back Ezekiel Elliott, the rookie phenom who dominates games and leads the league with 1,199 yards rushing.

The Vikings' defense was facing off with an offensive line so good that Sports Illustrated and ESPN both wrote articles naming them the league's MVP.

The Dallas Cowboys played a mistake prone game Thursday that prevented them from scoring more points. The Giants beat the Cowboys to open the season, and considering the subsequent win streak, it makes that game hugely interesting.

Dallas could be looking at a similar scenario this season, with Romo as the backup to Prescott after the rookie took the job and kept it following Romo's preseason back injury. He also caught four passes for an additional 19 yards. This was while Dallas was behind 9-7. Dallas responded with another punt before the Vikings finally put points on the board with 2:33 left in the first quarter on a Kai Forbath 48-yard field goal. Late in the 4th quarter with 2 minutes left in the game, Dak fumbles the snap on on 3rd and 1, only to be recovered by Zeke Elliott. Lucky Whitehead also coughed up the football, although it was on a running play. Free was also the lineman victimized on the strip-sack fumble against Dak. The failed on the next play - though the referees blew an obvious penalty as the Cowboys rusher hit Bradford in the facemask with his hand. In some ways, that doesn't seem so bad.

The injury is believed to have occurred during the Patriots' loss to the Seahawks on November 13, in which Gronkowski said he received "probably one of the hardest I've got hit in my career" from safety Earl Thomas.

The stats were not good. He ran 54 yards on the first play and Taylor followed with a 12-yard keeper on the next play to put Buffalo up 17-9. Yet somehow he scored a 108.3 passer rating. And you do have an ability to win different ways as you're not just relying on one guy, one portion of your team, one phase of your team, it's certainly going to make you more hard to beat.

We haven't seen any type of rushing game like this from a Cowboys quarterback in awhile, with Dak racking up 37 yards on 6 carries, including a handsome scramble while trying to run the clock out, despite sliding a yard too early. Some of that was due to Prescott's limited production, but still non-Bryant wide receivers only accounted for 55 total receiving yards. The Vikings are hungrier, so they just might pull away for a narrow win.