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Destiny: Rise of Iron - The Dawning Event Announced

09 December 2016
Destiny: Rise of Iron - The Dawning Event Announced

"We're hosting a party, and all players of Destiny: Rise of Iron are welcome", Bungie have said on their official blog.

Destiny Sparrow Racing is here to stay beyond The Dawning festival!- however, only in private matches.

Skeleton Key drop rates are being increased, for example: these will now be a guaranteed drop for anyone that completes a Nightfall Strike.

Destiny The Dawning update will be live on Tuesday, December 13, 2016, at 10 am Pacific. Gamers can also repurchase Legendary Weapons from the Gunsmith Rank 2 Quest. As the developer has already announced The Dawning event that will take place later this month, now Bungie has detailed the content that players can expect from Destiny The Dawning update.

A couple of smaller quality of life changes mean players above level 40 will find green engrams automatically convert to materials rather than junking up your inventory, and Brother Vance will offer a material exchange for Passage Coins. There will also be more new gear, exotics, as well as Ornaments coming to the game once "The Dawning" is released next week.

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Destiny: Rise of Iron is available to play on PS4 and Xbox One. In the meantime, check out the videos below and comment your thoughts on the game.