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Free Updates Incoming for Final Fantasy XV: New Game Plus, Expanded Story

10 December 2016
Free Updates Incoming for Final Fantasy XV: New Game Plus, Expanded Story

In a post on Square Enix Blog, director Hajime Tabata revealed that he had been listening to fans' ideas "on how to make the game experience even better", and that a variety of free updates created to improve the game are planned to roll out "throughout the coming year". This includes adding additional event scenes that seem to flesh out character's backgrounds a bit more. We thank you for your continued support of Final Fantasy XV as well as the Final Fantasy series. But of course on the other, some fans who bought the full game day-one may feel a little angry that Square Enix are coming out and admitting there are in fact large pieces of the story missing.

When you first get started in Final Fantasy XV, you'll be tempted to dive straight into the story the second it puts you out in the world - which is completely understandable.

In addition to these free updates, we're also working on the previously announced downloadable content.

Sony is capitalizing on Final Fantasy XV's major success with a limited edition audio range. According to Tabata, they play to enhance ring magic and more in the coming updates.

In a blog post on the company's official website, Director Hajime Tabata outlines plans for the game's future, stating, "We want you to enjoy Final Fantasy XV for a long time to come".

Following that, they'll add to the story with new scenes that could, for example, explain why Ravus does what he did, and even longer term, more characters will be made playable.

Tabata added that Square Enix will look to make certain important characters in Final Fantasy XV playable, in addition to introducing customizable avatars.

There are also plans for a New Game Plus mode that will allow players to carry stats over to new playthroughs, as well as options for different kinds of playstyles.

Many fans o the popular franchise find that the current plot of "Final Fantasy XV" is rather vague and in need of more spice. Further ahead, Square Enix is looking to add a proper New Game+ mode as well as various tweaks to font-size and special modes - as well as all the expected DLC. Gamers can also expect the possibility of new bosses and time hunts in FF15 next year.