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HATCH WATCH! 'Eagle Cam' streaming bald eagles hatching live

28 December 2016
HATCH WATCH! 'Eagle Cam' streaming bald eagles hatching live

An eagle cam set up by Dick Pritchett Real Estate is now streaming the nest of Harriet and her partner M15 in Fort Myers.

Tune in to the Eagle Cam as over 18,000 live viewers await the arrival of Harriet's newest spawn.

A real estate company that owns the land on which the nest was built installed webcams and has streamed footage since 2012, capturing on camera the birth of several eagle chicks.

Harriet's former mate, an eagle named Ozzie, died in the early fall of 2015 and another male eagle, M15, bonded with her in the late fall of 2015, according to the website.

View the Eagle Cam via Youtube here.

The eggs were laid on November 22 and November 25, and the two eagles have been patiently awaiting their hatchlings, sharing the task of incubating their eggs while remaining watchful to protect and defend their territory, ever since. Then sadly, Ozzie passed away in 2015 from injuries sustained during a fight. It was a similar scene in 2014 when the couple welcomed two eaglets and lost one about one month after hatching. Eagles average a 35-day incubation period and require 105-degree heat to develop, so M15 and Harriet have been taking turns sitting on the nest.

However, Harriet soon met M15 and the pair welcomed two eaglets in January of 2016.

The nest live stream is embedded below.