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Thief Steals Bucket of Gold Flakes Worth $1.6 Million

10 December 2016
Thief Steals Bucket of Gold Flakes Worth $1.6 Million

The theft occurred in Manhattan, New York on 29 September, as the middle-aged man made off with a bucket containing 86 pounds of gold flakes. Surveillance video shows a man loitering, keeping watch on an armored truck. Those 20 seconds were long enough for the thief to strike.

In that moment, the suspect walks up to the 86-pound bucket of gold flakes, picks it up, and flees the scene - albeit slowly, as it's clearly no easy thing to carry off such a heavy haul. "He would grab anything", Detective Martin Pastor of the NYPD's Major Case Squad told The New York Daily News. In the time the truck was left alone, a man was able to walk up and make off with some of its precious cargo. Indeed, in the video, you can see as he scurries a few feet, then sets the bucket down to take a breather. He then jumps into a van at 49th Street and Third Avenue.

In surveillance footage released by the New York Police Department, a man walks up to the back of the truck, grabs the bucket, and shuffles off with it in broad daylight.

One of the simplest heists imaginable, the thief can be seen assessing the situation befopre swiping the bucket of gold as two guards were in a nearby building for a pickup, according to police. It took the thief an hour to make it from the truck to a white Ford sedan with the bucket, over a distance that usually takes about 10 minutes to walk, the station reported.