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Windows 10 Blue Screen Of Death Being Replaced

29 December 2016

With the latest preview release (build 14997), the BSOD has turned green supposedly to distinguish it from errors that occur in public Windows releases.

The GSoD was discovered in the same leaked Windows 10 build (14997) that revealed a "Game Mode" for prioritizing resources.

So what's the new big change?

Windows' dreaded blue screen of death will soon be no more for Windows Insiders. Microsoft employee Matthijs Hoekstra teased the change on Twitter, and MSPoweruser reports that it was eventually discovered by Twitter user Chris123NT. The new build offers up some interesting new Creators Build features like Start Menu folders, Cortana joining in on the out-of-box-experience (OOBE), Edge browser enhancements, and a blue-light reduction function to reduce eye strain. This will come a long way in sorting out BSOD issues that Windows 10 preview users publish on blogs and social network.

Earlier this year, Microsoft tweaked the BSOD even further by adding a QR code to help users more easily access information to help them diagnose the problems that may have caused their devices to crash.

The new error screen also has a QR code which now directs users to, later this might become a specific page for each error.

As to why Microsoft opted for the color green is yet to be known - but that frankly doesn't matter. Hoekstra later clarified that the new GSOD will be limited only to Insider Preview builds, leaving the standard BSOD for general Windows 10 releases that are installed on non-Insider machines. And while that's yet another change to get used to, it should make everyone's life a little simpler - and a bit more colorful.