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Windows 10 for Qualcomm Chips - Intel Suffers

11 December 2016
Windows 10 for Qualcomm Chips - Intel Suffers

Microsoft is looking forward to making the new Windows 10 adopted first on ARM-based laptops and to make the experience whole for an end-user, Traditional x86 desktop apps will be imitated as well.

Microsoft's Terry Myerson made the projection saying that beginning next year Snapdragon ARM processors from Qualcomm will enable them to introduce the operating system to mobile devices.

The Windows 10-Snapdragon union could pose a threat to Intel's position as the market leader in PC chips, a number of observers have noted.

The company at an event late Wednesday announced "Project Evo", a collaboration with chipmaker Intel to bring new capabilities to personal computers, including microphones capable of picking up commands spoken from across a room as well as advanced biometric security features.

These efforts are all seen by many as indications that Microsoft is hoping to improve and excel in bringing Windows 10 to mobile users.

"For the first time ever, our customers will be able to experience the Windows they know with all the apps, peripherals, and enterprise capabilities they require, on a truly mobile, power efficient, always-connected cellular PC", Myerson said. How do you think Windows for mobile devices could help users with the functionality they are waiting for. In the video below, a demo has revealed that Windows 10 can run smoothly with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 with 4GB of RAM, typical mobile phone specs. The processors created by Qualcomm are used in nearly all high tech smartphones available right now and the reason behind that is because their chipsets are optimized so that they don't drain all of the mobile device's battery life.

An emulator will allow such devices to run existing Windows applications built on Win32, the main programming interface for Windows, as well as programs designed under the universal Windows platform built into Windows 10.

The collaboration between Microsoft and Qualcomm will bear fruit early next year, according to companies. "This includes offering a wide range of PC form factors and price points that give people choice in mobility, whether they are carrying an ultra-thin and light notebook or a cool 2 in 1".

As for Consumers, it will be a welcome break from obscenely-priced products with no choice but to upgrade, year-after-year!