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Windows 10 will let users schedule update downloads

14 December 2016
Windows 10 will let users schedule update downloads

On Tuesday, Microsoft released a security update that resolves the issue, which it says was caused by the CDPSvc, or Connected Devices Platform Service, crashing.

On the Microsoft forum too, the Wi-Fi disconnection issue with the update was discussed and the moderate only stated that Microsoft was examining the reports of some customers experiencing difficulties in connecting to their internet.

Microsoft is now releasing builds for Windows 10 Insiders, who are testing out the upcoming features, and it seems that the company is giving Cortana more work to do, being expanded to Internet of Things devices.

A spokesman for Virgin Media said: "We're aware that some customers using Windows PCs are having issues getting online following a Microsoft Windows 10 update", said a spokesman for Virgin Media.

The problematic update, pushed out by Microsoft last week, left some Windows 10 machines unable to get online, because they were unable to request a local IP address from routers.

"As a first step, we recommend customers restart their PCs. Additional guidance can be found on our support forum here". As a result, it's no surprise to find that most savvy PC gamers like to keep their drivers under manual control, rolling back to older versions when problems are encountered and letting others act as free beta testers before installing new releases.

In other words, this means that users will be able to schedule Windows 10 update downloads just like they can now do with restarts.

It's unclear exactly which automatic update caused the problem, or exactly when it was released-current (unconfirmed) signs point to KB3201845 released on December 9-but whatever it was appeared to break DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), preventing Windows 10 from automatically acquiring an IP address from the network. Earlier this year the Windows 10 Anniversary Update triggered complaints about frozen systems and broken webcams. "For most others, KB3206632 will be installed automatically", a Microsoft engineer said. However, this feature is unavailable to Windows 10 Home users.