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Arrow season 5, episode 10 recap: The return of Laurel Lance?

26 January 2017

When Laurel wakes up, she admits that she was previously imprisoned by Flash's crew in Star City, and she also drops a bomb that the Oliver on her Earth, Earth-2, is dead. Katie Cassidy clearly has far more fun playing the bad girl version of Laurel, than the original vanilla version.

That's why it's highly likely that this season might see the redemption of the Black Siren, leading to her eventually becoming the Black Canary - a new, edgier and metahuman version of the one we saw before. Well, she is but not really.

On Earth-2, Oliver died 10 years ago.

First, the team's new version of Laurel (Katie Cassidy) turns on everyone nearly as suddenly as she appeared, seemingly back from the dead, at the end of the first half of the season. Here, she returns as part of Prometheus' plan to torment Oliver Queen.

The trackers work and lead Team Arrow straight to Prometheus and Black Siren. On one hand, it utilizes the Multiverse concept introduced on The Flash which helps the consistent logic across all of these series. Just then, Laurel herself gladly spills the beans, arriving with a sonic cry and shedding her charade as a "pathetic" "pill": She is indeed from Earth-Two aka Black Siren.

Later, as Felicity ices her sore fist, she and Oliver debrief. The end result elevates this from what could have been a generic villain of the week episode and instead deepens our understanding of these characters. I know Prometheus has an odd brand of theatrics, but what was Laurel's actual task here, and did she, or did she not succeed? However, at the same time he turned out to be rather great as a District Attorney doing a favor for the Mayor. In response, Laurel makes a crack about Oliver being super into sisters, calling all the way back to the Arrow pilot, in which ol' Ollie was cheating on Laurel with Sara. In the interim, we still need to try and figure out exactly who Prometheus is and how he connects to the ongoing flashbacks this season.

The episode ends on Talia al Ghul in a bar.

Oliver truly believes that Prometheus was correct when they said he was a killer at heart. How and what her role will be is a bit of a mystery.

"For us this season, our intent at the beginning was to do stories with Oliver and Felicity independent of the romantic relationship - sort of take a break, and let them date other people", she shared. If you forget some of the more dramatic moments of the last episode, check it out here. That's why it's inconceivable that we'll never see another Black Canary in this world again. Want to see more from Lenny Burnham? Mister Terrific should have a lot more to do that build machines and deliver nerdy quips.

It's a long list of nitpicks, I know, but that's the price when Laurel's return serves primarily to exacerbate the emotional divide between Oliver and Felicity. She was locked up by that team due to her very powerful and risky sonic scream. But, of course, there's a twist: It's Evil, Fun Laurel! Next week looks like a solid episode so hopefully this was just a slight stumble. Oliver goes to the DA Adrian to ask for help getting Diggle out of jail. However, when she reveals what she wants from him in exchange, Oliver isn't sure he can accept her help. Alas, Felicity is not buying this story and gets the rest of the team to attack and capture Black Siren. Everyone suits up, and while Oliver orders nobody to move on Fauxrel, Felicity opens a separate channel and, when Fauxrel reaches for a phone, Fi jumps the gun and orders the B-team to move in.