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Bob Beckel returns to 'The Five'

17 January 2017
Bob Beckel returns to 'The Five'

Fox News has re-signed Bob Beckel to be a co-host of The Five.

Beckel says he's "thrilled" to be back. As one of the few hosts on Fox News representing the left-wing side of the political aisle, Beckel's fights and debates with his more conservative counterparts have become legendary.

Now, as of 5 PM ET today, he is back at Fox News, which also announced today, in their own game of pundit musical chairs, the fate of Juan Williams: The ex-NPRer will remain an FNC contributor across the cable news net and pop up on The Five, where he had essentially taken on Beckel's spot.

He parted ways with the network in July of 2015, with Fox stating they could no longer be held "hostage to one man's personal issues".

Bob Beckel seen with'The Five panel
A beloved former Fox News favorite is coming back to the cable news network

"Most of you right-wingers - who said you were right-wingers - you wished me well and you like me, and I appreciate it very much, and I missed you very, very much", Beckel said.

In the last months of his original tenure at Fox, Beckel had sought rehabilitation for a prescription drug addiction. Several months later, he was let go. "He took tremendous advantage of our generosity, empathy and goodwill and we simply came to the end of the road with him". After his split with Fox in 2015, he was hired as a commentator by CNN and worked as a columnist at USA Today.

"The Five" has been one of the most popular cable television shows in its time slot since debuting in 2011.

Beckel served in the Jimmy Carter administration and was campaign manager for 1984 Democratic presidential nominee Walter Mondale.