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Diablo III's Anniversary Update and Event Now Live

07 January 2017
Diablo III's Anniversary Update and Event Now Live

Hey! Remember Diablo? Blizzard sure does, and it's now celebrating the game's 20th anniversary (it debuted on the final day of '96) with a special Diablo III in-game event this month that recreates key aspects of the original game.

World of Warcraft is celebrating Diablo's 20 year anniversary by having a Secret Cow level of its own.

Diablo 3 players can revisit the original dungeons of Diablo starting today. Shhh... It's supposed to be a secret. Players will be able to earn new loot, achievements and other rewards as part of The Darkening of Tristram. Up until this point there was no true WoW tribute to the classic meme-worthy Diablo level, but that changes today.

Over on Reddit, user TimFromTheBeach reports the discovery of a secret cow level in WoW.

World of Warcraft players can go to the secret cow level by finding the Treasure Goblin first.

According to players on the WoW subreddit, reaching the cow level involves killing treasure goblins throughout the Broken Isles. If you kill the goblin before it can finish casting an escape portal, a portal will open to the fabled land of Duskwood. The goblins are pretty tough, so we recommend bringing a group along. While it's not a wholesale recreation of the Diablo 2 version, World of Warcraft's take on the cow level is pretty damn amusing and you can grab some Diablo-inspired loot for your troubles. Inside, dozens of cows and Tauren roam the fields to bloody your weapons, but the real prize is the ultra-tough Cow King. It's also said the cows inside the special Yorgen Farmstead instance scale, so you needn't be at max level in order to participate.

World of Warcraft: Legion is available now for PC.