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DirecTV Now Will Unplug Its $35 Intro Offer On Jan. 9

01 January 2017
DirecTV Now Will Unplug Its $35 Intro Offer On Jan. 9

Then, early this month, Stephenson pointed to the offer in telling the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy & Consumer Rights - in a hearing about the Time Warner deal - that DirecTV Now was an example of how AT&T could benefit consumers. Naturally, we can not give away our product for less than it is worth. Our ratings are much higher than ESPN's! In any event, we do not control how much DirecTV and AT&T U-Verse pays to other channels or how it manages its business.

We're not sure how long you'll get to subscribe at that price: especially since the fine print on DirecTV Now's website says anyone signing up will be locked in at that price,"Pricing, channels, features and terms subject to change & may be modified or discontinued at anytime without notice".

It is up to AT&T/DIRECTV to resolve such questions with its customers.

The best way to influence this controversy is for you to register your support of how important it is for them to continue to carry the WFTV or WRDQ programming by calling AT&T/DIRECTV at the numbers above. You pay DirecTV and AT&T U-Verse a lot of money.

DirecTV Now bundles start at $35 monthly for the "Live a Little" package with 64 channels (plus local stations where available), and range up to the top-tier "Gotta Have It" package with up to 130 channels for $70 per month.

Regardless, we will continue to work hard to try and get a successful outcome to this negotiation so that you do not lose live access to any of your favorite programming, but the ball remains in AT&T/DIRECTV's court to step-up like all of their competitors and peers have done. Existing subs will continue to pay the $35-per-month rate for now, but the company also said the fees may increase at some future date.

And, new National Football League rights on CBS All-Access!

DirecTV Now initially is available to stream on Apple TV (fourth generation), Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick TV, Google Chromecast, iPad and iPhone, Android 4.4 and later, and Internet Explorer 11 (on Windows 8 and later), Chrome version 50 and later, and Safari 8 and later. For starters, you don't get the films of the Sundance and FX Movie channels, and nor do you receive the informative content of BBC World News and the Weather Channel. CBS All Access is available OTT as well.