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For Honor Closed Beta Details Revealed + New SCARS Site

20 January 2017
For Honor Closed Beta Details Revealed + New SCARS Site

Ubisoft describes the mode as "the global, persistent and cross-platform event that brings to life the ongoing war between For Honor's three factions, the Knights, the Vikings and the Samurai".

Nine of For Honor's 12 starting heroes will be available to play - three from each faction.

As Ubisoft has previously announced, the closed beta will also mark the introduction of the very first Faction War. According a press release sent out today, beta participants can look forward to playing Dominion 4v4, Brawl 2v2 and Duel 1v1 modes across six environments.

Ubisoft has revealed all the remaining details about the upcoming For Honor beta, including another way to get a beta code. The beta will be available on both Xbox One and PS4 as well as PC and run from January 26th through the 29th.

Once the full game releases, For Honor will also feature an in depth single player campaign where all three factions attempt to take down the dastardly warlord Apyllon. Twitch Prime members will get a 10-day period of Champion status, allowing you to get XP boosts to share with your friends. If you complete the whole experience, a code to the closed beta is your reward. In addition, players will be able to select and customise their weapon of choice that best represents their warrior.

If you have not signed up yet there's still a small chance you may get in to the beta, head here to register your interest.