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Hatch Watch 2017: How long does it take to hatch an eagle?

06 January 2017
Hatch Watch 2017: How long does it take to hatch an eagle?

Concern is rising over the fate of the second eaglet, which has been incubating for 42 days, with speculation that the egg may never hatch.

Experts fear that the egg will not hatch as eggs normally hatch around the 35th day.

The first of the two eggs hatched on New Year's Eve - and that little eaglet has been named E9.

The second egg still shows no sign of hatching, and it's unlikely that it will hatch at all. "You will see life and you might see death, but this is nature at her finest". If it doesn't hatch, the parents might move the egg to the side of the nest, bury it or eat it if it's cracked, according to the post.

An American Bald Eagle hatch in Southwest Florida is catching the eye of millions on social media.

On Monday, the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam's Facebook page announced in a post that they doubted the egg, laid on November 22, would hatch as it reached 41 days of incubation.

Each year during the fall, Ozzie and Harriet continued to expand their family. Ozzie was treated and released back into the wild near the nest.

Ozzie was seen near the nest on Saturday, September 19 of 2015 and on September 27 he got into a fight with another male eagle in the area. Since then, Harriet has had two mates: Ozzie, who died after fighting another eagle, and M15.

They live near water, where they can find their staple food of fish.

They develop their distinctive white coloration around age 4 or 5.

They are found throughout most of North America, ranging from northern Mexico up to northern reaches of Canada and Alsaka.