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Honda Civic Type R will get CVT, no AWD

06 January 2017
Honda Civic Type R will get CVT, no AWD

Despite rumors circulating that the 2018 Honda Civic Type R would be coming with a CVT transmission as an option, it is something that is pretty much far from the truth.

In the same report, it was mentioned that the CVT gearbox will only be an available option and its goal is to give the Honda Civic Type R 2018 a low-end acceleration boost. "I don't how they got that idea", McDonald told us.

The new comes to us from CivicX, citing a report in the November issue of vehicle magazine, which includes an interview with senior Honda staff Mirsuru Kariya, Daisuke Tsutamori and Katsushi Inoue.

Many people have high hopes when it comes to the Honda Civic Type-R and the vehicle better not be a disappointment when it finally arrives.

The report also reiterates a few things we already knew about the upcoming Civic Type R. It will feature front-wheel drive with a limited-slip differential for the front axle. That said, in a vehicle like the Civic Type R, we'd always go with the manual, even over a dual-clutch transmission.

The report reads, "Doubtless power will continue to be transmitted by today's magical six-speed manual gearbox, with its tightly packed ratios".

Under the hood of the 2017 Honda Civic Type R, a 2.0 - liter turbo four - cylinder with more than 300 hp and 400 Nm of torque can be seen. It will also have a lower center of gravity compared to the standard Civic Hatchback on which it is based.

Details regarding the exact powertrain of the Honda Civic Type R 2018 have not yet been revealed.