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Obamas vacationing in Palm Springs

21 January 2017
Obamas vacationing in Palm Springs

Barack Obama set off for his first post-presidential holiday on Friday but before arriving in Palm Springs, his flight was forced to circle over the airport and then diverted to Riverside County due to strong rain and winds.

The plane was diverted 60 miles away to March Air Force Base, forcing the Obamas to make the rest of their trip to Palm Springs' Rancho Mirage neighborhood by vehicle, Murphy said.

The Obamas will be unpacking their suitcases late Friday at the abode of outgoing USA ambassador to Spain James Costos and his husband - an interior designer - Michael Smith, who's been the WH's decorator since '08.

Earlier this week the White House told reporters the Obama's were headed to Rancho Mirage California. The former president is known to enjoy golf and locals say Saturday might be a good time when the weather clears.

The visit is likely to give new life to rumors circulating for years that the Obamas plan to buy a home at Thunderbird Heights.

Google Maps had appeared to update the address of Costos and Smith as "Obama's Palm Springs Hideaway". The family is expected to continue living in Washington D.C., where they have a rented a home.

Officials at Sunnylands, the "Camp David of the West", said they have not received any word from the White House regarding a potential visit to the estate, which has hosted eight presidents in the past, including Obama. The Obamas are still expected to take their vacation in Palm Springs after the slight travel delay. A motorcade picked up the family and drove them to the Coachella Valley.