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Pokemon Go next event for Mewtwo, Mew in 2017

10 January 2017
Pokemon Go next event for Mewtwo, Mew in 2017

Niantic reportedly sent out a message in Pokemon GO, teasing fans about the arrival of the Legendary Pokemon.

It reads: "That's all for now. Look for another update from us in a few weeks", the Japanese video game company has stated. "Do not forget to be alert at all times when playing Pokemon Go".

What could the reference to Professor Willow possibly mean? Stay tuned for more "Pokemon Go" news and updates! $22.1 million was the figure players spent during the week.

"With 6-10 new pokemon a month to acquire, having a full dex becomes temporary-at-best. There are always new, acquire-able Pokemon to catch".

The new and awaited update of "Pokemon GO" may deliver some rare Gen 2 or Legendary Pokemon, as suggested by new emails!

Judging by the recent spate of Pokemon Go updates, a new patch is expected to land sooner rather than later. Since patches are being released every fortnight, an update is already overdue. With the end of an event also come many questions as to the continuation of the game: what will be the next event?

Pokemon Go has already arrived in some of the biggest gaming nations including Japan, Australia, Germany, U.K, and the USA, but not in China- the world's biggest online gaming market. It seems that the Pokemon GO audience may simply have more nostalgia for the Kanto Pokedex than any subsequent generation.

But despite the doom and gloom, Nintendo reportedly made around $115 million in pure profit with Pokemon Go last quarter, and it remains one of the most lucrative games available on The App Store.

Unlike Super Mario Run, which got more downloads more quickly than Pokemon GO, it hit a hard cap on revenue straight away.

Pokemon Go's rollout is closely being followed by its fans, but the developers of the game, Niantic Labs, is taking it slow to avoid any issues that may affect the user experience.

In fact, Mirror reported that Niantic has released new teasers to keep fans' interest for the "Pokemon Go" game.