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Project Scorpio Release Date, Specs & Why It's Better Than The PS4

16 January 2017
Project Scorpio Release Date, Specs & Why It's Better Than The PS4

Their full year numbers show the PS4 as holding the top 3 out of 5 slots for consoles and bundles sold at the online retailer, placing the console overall well ahead.

However, it is not certain that the console will be unveiled at E3 in June, with Spencer having stated that although he is aware that fans would love to get a glimpse of the Xbox Project Scorpio at E3, it can not be guaranteed at this juncture. Unfortunately, even Spencer is uncertain. The Xbox boss answered, "Honestly not sure yet but I know people want this".

If the initial rumors are accurate, the most eye-catching prospect of Microsoft's new console is it's capability to deliver 6 teraflops of computing power.

The Xbox One Scorpio is expected to satisfy every consumers expectations towards the gaming experience.

Spencer also mentioned that the progress applies across all the studios involved, teams working on the Xbox Project Scorpio platform and hardware.

Naturally, fans have also asked whether there will be new stuff to be revealed in the upcoming E3 2017.

"It hurt me as well and to the community I apologise", he wrote on Twitter in response to a fan of the game sending their best wishes for future projects.

Xbox Project Scorpio Release Date: Microsoft promises the console will be able to render visuals at 60Hz.

Its VR feature is considered the second biggest selling point for Microsoft's machine. Interestingly, Microsoft also claimed that Xbox One was the only current-generation console that had a year-on-year growth.

Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, who had compered the Electronic Entertainment Expo presentation at which Scalebound was first introduced, expressed regret over the cancellation later in the day. Now, it's entirely possible that Microsoft takes the wraps off the Scorpio a few weeks ahead of E3, but I wouldn't expect we see something about it March or April.

Though there is still no date to circle on the calendar, Microsoft has pretty much already confirmed the Xbox Project Scorpio release date.