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Main » Pussyhat Project inspires sea of pink at women's marches in NYC, DC

Pussyhat Project inspires sea of pink at women's marches in NYC, DC

23 January 2017
Pussyhat Project inspires sea of pink at women's marches in NYC, DC

Pink-knit "pussy hats" will be ubiquitous today, a symbol of resistance to a now infamous video of Trump bragging about how he sexually assaults woman.

She was on her third hat Tuesday and planned a knit-in with customers to make more.

Thousands of people attending Saturday's Women's March on Washington are expected to wear the pink "pussyhats".

The fact that Suh and Zweiman didn't just ask women to go buy a pink hat and send it in was also deliberate: They wanted to celebrate knitting and crochet precisely because they're traditionally women's crafts-and skills passed from generation to generation: "Knitting circles are sometimes scoffed at as frivolous 'gossiping circles, ' when really, these circles are powerful gatherings of women, a safe space to talk, a place where women support women".

"It doesn't have the words on the hat like the "Make America Great Hat" does, but the name of the hat evokes memories of this [Access Hollywood] tape that has a message that the people who made this want to convey", said Todd Davies, associate director of Stanford's Symbolic Systems program. "There's a lot of that in the knitting world", Nowacoski said. Some have included little notes attached to their hats before dropping them at designated locations around the country for distribution at the Washington march.

Friday night, walking to dinner with friends, I wore my hat.

"I'm automatically attracted to lovely [women]-I just start kissing them". The pussy hat, which is a simple pattern, inspired her to start looming again.

Knitters are not only sharing their hats but they're showing them off on Facebook, Instagram and elsewhere.

While the red caps and pink knit hats invite comparison, they aren't flawless analogues of each other; the homemade pussyhats, in shades ranging from fuchsia to powder pink to mauve (and a few that weren't pink at all) - were naturally not as uniform as the mass-produced Trump hats.

Marchers on Saturday said they liked the hat because it unified them around one general message. It's a movement we're excited about, and hope you are too.

As we got off the plane and headed toward the Metro rail system platform, we saw dozens of women, many of them wearing the distinctive knitted hats in all shades of pink. Waiting for the train, we talked with other hat wearers, discussing where we were from and sharing our concerns for the future, for health care, immigrants, housing, the environment and civil rights, and more. Just kiss. I don't even wait.

"It means a tremendous amount", she said about being in New York City for the march. After all, Trump rallies gave supporters regular reasons to get together and don their hats, eventually making the caps familiar to many Americans. "I feel like I'm part of history".