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Sprint tries luring in new customers with $50 Unlimited plan

27 January 2017
Sprint tries luring in new customers with $50 Unlimited plan

The carrier announced today (Jan. 27) that it would cut the price of that plan by $10 to $50 a month. During the promotion, upgrading to two lines will run a total of $90 per month and additional lines can be added for $30 per month.

Sprint has announced that it is now offering its standard unlimited plan for $50 per month for the first line, which is down from the normal $60 per month the carrier usually charges.

Sprint pointed out that with the discounted rate you'll be paying $5 less than you would on rival Verizon's new 5GB for $55 plan.

He also pointed out how quickly one can go through 5GB of data.

Using data provided by Fierce Wireless, P3 and Strategy Analytics, Sprint reveals how much data customers actually on a monthly basis. One hour of web browsing, for example, is estimated to take up 50Mb.

The plan includes unlimited talk and text and unlimited optimized data access.

Checking your email every day takes up 150Mb per month, whereas daily instant messaging on WhatsApp, Messenger, or a similar service requires 250Mb per day. Data reprioritization also applies during times of congestion. Last but not least, we should note that new customers who jump onboard with Sprint for the new data bundle, will be required to pay $60/month after March 31, 2018. The discount is on offer for the next four days, with Sprint returning to the old rate for unlimited plans after January 30.