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Tax experts recommend filing early to avoid additional refund delay

20 January 2017
Tax experts recommend filing early to avoid additional refund delay

Effective December 1, 2016, the accelerated refund program that was offered by the Virginia Department of Taxation with your annual Virginia Income Tax Return was discontinued.

"If the information is not provided, there could be a significant increase in the processing time of the return", the release said.

The Virginia Department of Taxation stated that a Virginia individual income tax refund can pass through more than 60 models that evaluate return data, but the accelerated refund didn't receive the same scrutiny.

A new law known as the PATH act will allow the IRS to hold refunds for taxpayers claiming the earned income tax credit or the additional child tax credit.

In general, online refund requests will be processed more quickly than those on paper.

While the refunds will start being released on February 15, it could take until for February 27 for some people to start seeing the returns show up in their bank accounts.

While the SCDOR's anti-fraud measures remain aggressive, they do not anticipate delaying South Carolina Individual Income tax refunds this year. However, Emancipation Day - a legal holiday in the District of Columbia - will be observed on that Monday, which pushes the nation's filing deadline to the next day.

"The opening of filing season reflects months and months of work by IRS employees", Koskinen said. "Our systems require extensive programming and testing beforehand to ensure we're ready to accept and process more than 150 million returns".

All tax returns will go through identity theft fraud detection, as well as accuracy checks before any refunds are issued.

The IRS reminds taxpayers they have a variety of options to get help filing and preparing their tax return on

IRS Free File lets taxpayers who earned less than $64,000 prepare and e-file a return for free. Site information is also available by calling the IRS at 800-906-9887.