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The Bachelor Season 21, Week 3

17 January 2017
The Bachelor Season 21, Week 3

It is still very early on in Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor, but there have already been some stand-out contestants for all the right, and wrong, reasons. Nick eliminates Corinne fourth last, leaving Rachel Lindsay, Raven Gates, and Vanessa Grimaldi as his final three, and the women who then go on the Overnight Dates with Nick.

Don't want to know who went home on The Bachelor Season 21 tonight? Get the full details over in our Live Recap, otherwise scroll down for the results on The Bachelor 2017 tonight! We're not sure if this drama is enough to make anyone reconsider their relationship with Nick, but it looks like the war on Corinne is officially on. Olympic athletes Carl Lewis, Allyson Felix and Michelle Carter train a handful of bachelorettes for something called the "Nickathalon" (which sounds like it belongs on Nickelodeon) while the Backstreet Boys swing by because nothing says romance like the boy band that gave us some of the most saccharine pop songs of the last 20 years.

Of course, the real action is saved for the cocktail party where Taylor labels Corinne as "emotionally unintelligent", and Nick sends two more bachelorettes home, rumored to be Sarah Vendal and Astrid Loch. Nick is pretty irritated when he realizes that Corinne didn't bother to show up, but he continues with the rose ceremony. If that wasn't all, things proceed to get raunchier as Corinne sprayed whipped cream over her chest and asked Nick to lick it off!

Where's Corinne? That's the big question at tonight's rose ceremony on "The Bachelor". Corinne's appalling antics so far included randomly kissing Nick, constantly interrupting the other women's private dates and stripping down to her bikini bottoms. Luckily, she received a rose at the group date, so she won't be eliminated.