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The Price of Forever Stamps Is about to Go Up

24 January 2017
The Price of Forever Stamps Is about to Go Up

A brochure with information on the "forever" stamp is displayed on a counter at a post office May 11, 2009, in San Francisco, California. That's up 2 cents from last April when the agency dropped the price to 47 cents.

You can use them forever but you'll pay a different price for a stamp starting Sunday.

The United States Postal Service announced a 2 cent increase in October, which will take an affect this Sunday, Jan. 22. The decrease was the first reduction in pricing in 97 years. Presently the cost goes down. This is how much stamps cost before the USPS faced pressure this past April to bring it down, according to USA Today.

The vast majority of the expansion in expenses will be to clients of "Perpetually Stamps" which are sold at the going rate yet never lapse. Currently, all first-class one-ounce stamps - except those sold in coils of 500, 3,000 or 10,000 - are Forever Stamps.

Despite the change in price for forever stamps, the price of postcards, global letters, and additional weight will all remain the same in 2017. The loss includes a $5.8 billion retiree health benefit payment that postal officials said have crippled its finances for years.