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Tiffany Trump and stylist still working on inauguration looks

20 January 2017
Tiffany Trump and stylist still working on inauguration looks

As she did for yesterday's pre-inauguration concert and evening festivities, Ivanka looked to Oscar de la Renta for her outfit.

She is the daughter of Donald Trump and Ivana Trump - who divorced when she was nine years old What career paths has Trump taken? Well, however she managed to pull this together, it worked - she looked gorgeous.

Since she has come out of the shadows in recent months and joined her siblings at campaign events, though, the question of whether will Tiffany Trump be attending the inaugural ball has come up. The green Oscar de la Renta is both glamorous and professional. And when Roberts pressed her on whether or not she would have an office in the White House, Ivanka pivoted saying that she was still figuring out her role. The long white gown was accented by a large black bow at the back.

Now she is bringing that brand to Washington, where it contrasts starkly with the actual first lady's style.

"Melania has been unbelievable in terms of how she's been adjusting him to the changes that will be occurring in his own life", Ivanka explained. She gave a huge speech at the Republican National Convention, trying to win over women voters and humanize her dad. She will also divest significant assets, including common stock and restructure her own participation in Trump Organization transactions.

THE eldest daughter of Donald Trump has been described by some as the reason he won the United States presidential election. The Trump appeal is, for some, that untouchable glitz, as the walking, talking proof of the American dream fulfilled. She too has the blown-out hair and flawless makeup.

In a Facebook post detailing her next moves, Ivanka Trump thanked people who had reached out on such issues and added that she is determining the "most impactful and appropriate ways for me to serve our country". As evidenced by her dark, tailored inauguration day outfit, she favors less obviously trendy items, instead opting for sleek trousers, delicate jackets or her beloved fitted sheath dresses - the ultimate working woman fashion statement.

That kind of relatable aspiration is crucial, considering how valuable the millions of "Ivanka voters" were to Donald Trump's win. "If Trump produced someone that classy, that's a testament to something".

Ahead of his inauguration into the role, she dismissed claims she would be filling in as a surrogate first lady.