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Upcoming Battlefield 1 February Update In A Nutshell

08 January 2017
Upcoming Battlefield 1 February Update In A Nutshell

While "Battlefield 1" fans can not wait for the arrival of "They Shall Not Pass" this March, there are some treats awaiting them this month as well.

In a blog post today, DICE finally shared details on the upcoming updates to Battlefield One and started off by revealing a brand new Custom Game, Bleed Out, which will be arriving on January 18. No doubt, the new custom game mode, along with whatever changes are coming next month, will help push the game's performance to greater heights as it goes along. It's a lot like the "Rush" game mode that players are already familiar with, Game Rant reported. We're likely to know more as the map pack gets closer, so you may want to have that Season Pass at the ready.

Since Battlefield 1 was smoother on Xbox One to begin with the patch's effects are not as dramatic, but there is an uptick and, again, there's no major changes to resolution. While Bleed Out arrives in January, February will see a new update rolling out for Battlefield 1 too, introducing "gameplay improvements" based on DICE's own testing and community feedback.

Since its released in October, "Battlefield 1" has seen new content addition to the game, including a new Spectator Mode, the "Giant's Shadow" DLC, and additional alterations to weapons such as the grenade crossbow.

Battlefield 1 will also be receiving its first paid expansion in March with They Shall Not Pass which includes four new maps.