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We Finally Know How Much Power The 2017 Ford GT Makes

25 January 2017
We Finally Know How Much Power The 2017 Ford GT Makes

Though the production cars are already being built, Ford kept the final performance ratings of the latest Ford GT close to the vest-until now.

Capable of an exceptional top speed, Ford's all-new supercar is designed and optimized for track performance to honor its racing heritage.

So, we now know the biturbo 3.5-liter V6 engine packs a meaty 647 horsepower (482 kilowatts) at 6,250 rpm and a maximum torque of 550 pound-feet (745 Newton-meters) from 5,900 rpm and in coupe form the GT tips the scales at 3,054 pounds (1,385 kilograms), dry. Well, Ford brought its GT out to the Calabogie Motorsports Park in Canada to take on established supercar nameplates - the McLaren 675LT and Ferrari 458 Speciale - as part of its 2016 development testing. "We are extremely pleased with how it performs, both on the track and on the road". Ford GT's power-to-weight ratio is 4.72 pounds/horsepower. "We achieved considerable weight savings with the carbon fiber architecture".

Over a month after the first production cars rolled off the line, Ford has finally revealed just how fast the new Ford GT is. Unfortunately it has not released other key performance metrics such as its 0-60 or 1/4-mile time, but it has given us something arguably more relevant to chew on.

Ford attributes much of this pace to the car's active aerodynamic and suspension systems.

It also adds that the GT's engine is the most powerful EcoBoost production engine it has ever made, and that the GT is the "fastest production vehicle ever to wear the Blue Oval badge".

This comes despite the press release stating categorically that the Ford GT "has no excuses to give".