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What Did Trump Say to Melania at the Inauguration?

26 January 2017
What Did Trump Say to Melania at the Inauguration?

Handler told Variety she wouldn't interview President Donald Trump for her Netflix show either even if he personally requested to be a guest.

Watch the full video below (content warning). There is a battle brewing online with the Chelsea Handlers of the world and Melania is not sitting back and watching this all unfold without taking some type of action. When asked what she would say to Trump if she had the opportunity to speak with the new president, Chelsea said she would tell the business mogul to "F-k off!", adding, "I mean, ugh, gross!"

Melania is a native of Slovenia and moved to the United States in 1996. At worst, she becomes a shrewder Eva Braun. A day earlier, a video of Melania Trump's face falling after speaking to her husband at the inauguration went viral, and the #FreeMelania hashtag took off on Twitter. When Melania Trump handed Michelle a gift, Barack saw that she was uncomfortable and took the gift off her hands.

Personally, I would consider it a great honor to work for any First Lady of our nation.

She also asked Behar if she had seen Obama's birth certificate, and when Behar said sure, it was all over the internet, Melania was doubtful.

What Did Trump Say to Melania at the Inauguration?
What Did Trump Say to Melania at the Inauguration?

But this multilingual first lady doesn't have the respect of Handler. She modeled in Milan and Paris before relocating to NY in 1996.

As they held hands and danced, she held her fingers out straight - a small sign that can demonstrate a lack of affection, Wood said. Those who have decided whether they pity or hate her stand firmly by their opinions. Should someone slam and shame a First Lady for her vocal English? We wouldn't go that far, but you never know.

Throughout his campaign, Mr Trump's conduct with women was widely regarded as sexist and has been recorded using numerous misogynistic expressions.

Body language expert Patti Wood spoke to about what she saw the day of the inauguration - starting from the couple stepping out of their vehicle to greet the Obamas at the White House. "I believe five. How many languages do you speak, Chelsea?". "There is very little body movement but the gestures are quite closed in she is trying to protect herself with arms in front". In contrast, Donald Trump greets the Obamas without his wife and she hurries to make her way up the stairs alone, accompanied into the house by the Obamas who are more considerate-more respectful-than her own husband.

Now President Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, has hit back on Melania's behalf.