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What's the deal with Melania Trump's mysterious smile/frown?

25 January 2017
What's the deal with Melania Trump's mysterious smile/frown?

At that moment, Melania, 46, beamed at her husband and nodded, but as soon as he turned back around, her face started to fall, and her smile completely disappeared.

And despite the Philly Inquirer's best attempt to rectify the situation, the fact of the matter is that no less than three days into Trump's presidency and we're already seeing major news publications talk about women with the same "Grab her by the pussy"-language championed by our dear President".

While some have speculated the clip was edited or reversed, the moment can be spotted at the 2 hour, 52 minute mark of the full video of the inauguration. The publication speculates that Mr. Trump may have admonished Barron, and such a tactic might have caused Melania to frown. Recently a 2011 interview with Melania on the Joy Behar Show went viral on Twitter. And whereas some Trump supporters loved the manner in which President Trump and Mrs. Trump danced at their inaugural balls, others found their dancing awkward and stilted and not necessarily romantic.

According to Ambassador Paolo Zampolli, who introduced President and Mrs. Trump almost two decades ago, Melania is also one of the only first ladies that has ever spoken five languages.

It was just one of many pieces of evidence that Melania Trump deserves sympathy; that she is unhappy, that her husband treats her poorly or, more hopefully, that she hates her husband.

"Signs reading "#FreeMelania" were among the crowd at the Women's March on Washington on Saturday, and the hashtag began circulating online after the clip gained popularity.

The Grio: "Melania, blink twice if you want us to save you girl". Melania has never indicated whether or not she agrees with that concession.

Yazmin Elias shared Left Over Rights's video: "I feel bad for Melania".

If Melania prefers staying behind the scenes, I'm fine with that.

It turns out in 2009, Mrs. Obama herself presented Laura Bush with a gift in that exact same spot, and it appears as though Mrs. Trump was simply following her precedent.