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U.S. Border Patrol Checking Facebook Profiles For Political Views, Says Lawyer


That's a question to ponder in the wake of President Donald Trump's ban on immigration that began on Friday. This is the case for many green card holders who are being checked at the U.S. The US border officials are checking the Facebook profiles of immigrants before allowing them into the country, a media report said. Lawyer Mana Yegani, based in Houston, revealed that several green card holders who have the right to stay and work in the country were detained at the USA airports. Read More »

Super Smash Bros. Heading To The Nintendo Switch, Hints Nintendo Of America

We definitely realize that The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild will be a dispatch title for Switch. Nintendo is set on positioning the Switch as a gaming device first and foremost. Another element to take into account the size of the game . However, when it comes to the upcoming Switch, Reggie mentioned that he believes Nintendo has done a much better and more thorough job at communicating to consumers about what exactly the Switch is. Read More »

Resident Evil 7: 10 Facts, Secrets & Easter Eggs You Totally Missed


Resident Evil 7 was released earlier this week, and if you're torn regarding which platform to purchase it for, maybe this report from Digital Foundry will help speed up the decision making process. The first " Resident Evil 7 " DLC is the first " Banned Footage Vol. 1 " footage. After ruling out a Resident Evil 7 Nintendo Switch port , Express Online asked producer Masachika Kawata and director Koshi Nakanishi if the game would receive any Xbox Scorpio optimisations. Read More »

Resident Evil 7's First DLC Launches Next Week


Resident Evil 7 Biohazard is available now for PlayStation 4 (the full game will also be available to play via the included optional PlayStation VR mode), Xbox One and Windows PC (Steam and Windows 10 Store). Meanwhile, the second round of " Resident Evil 7 " DLC will include two more scenarios and another mode, GameSpot added. While all the games leading up to Biohazard have been 3 person, this game also features a first-person view that intensifies the element of fear. Read More »

Sprint tries luring in new customers with $50 Unlimited plan

Sprint has announced that it is now offering its standard unlimited plan for $ 50 per month for the first line, which is down from the normal $60 per month the carrier usually charges. The plan includes unlimited talk and text and unlimited optimized data access. Checking your email every day takes up 150Mb per month, whereas daily instant messaging on WhatsApp, Messenger, or a similar service requires 250Mb per day. Read More »

Nintendo Switch has three more launch titles confirmed


Locked away for literally decades, three multi-award winning games will once again be available for a new generation to enjoy. World of Goo is the oldest game, first releasing on the Wii in 2008. So there's the real potential for more games to just use Handheld controls with the touchscreen. The Tomorrow Corporation confirms that three classic indie titles are set to be released alongside the Nintendo Switch when the console debuts on March 3. Read More »

We Finally Know How Much Power The 2017 Ford GT Makes

So, we now know the biturbo 3.5-liter V6 engine packs a meaty 647 horsepower (482 kilowatts) at 6,250 rpm and a maximum torque of 550 pound-feet (745 Newton-meters) from 5,900 rpm and in coupe form the GT tips the scales at 3,054 pounds (1,385 kilograms), dry. Read More »

Here's a Look at Rainbow Six: Siege's Operation Velvet Shell Coastline Map


The trailer gives us a sweeping overview of the new map "Coastline". The real life version of La Perla Blanca is not however located in a coastline and it can not be seen in Ibiza. On the other hand, Game Rant claimed that " Operation Velvet Shell " will feature the map of the game's new region, which is believed to be from Spain. Read More »

Miguel Ferrer, "NCIS: Los Angeles" star, is dead at 61

Ferrer continued working on NCIS up until his death, with the show's writers ultimately writing his illness into his character's storyline. Since 2012, he had played assistant director Owen Granger on " NCIS: Los Angeles " since 2012. "But not lost to his family", Clooney said . "He will be greatly missed". Born in Santa Monica, California, Ferrer was the oldest of five children, who were raised by Academy Award-winner José Ferrer and singer Rosemary Clooney . Read More »

Windows 10 Build 10240 End of Life on March 26th


Microsoft has set March 26 as the end date for support of the original Windows 10 edition. The offer will allow CSP subscribers to upgrade the operating system on devices now running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 without having to pay for separate upgrade licenses. Read More »

For Honor Closed Beta Details Revealed + New SCARS Site


Nine of For Honor's 12 starting heroes will be available to play - three from each faction. As Ubisoft has previously announced, the closed beta will also mark the introduction of the very first Faction War. Twitch Prime members will get a 10-day period of Champion status, allowing you to get XP boosts to share with your friends. If you complete the whole experience, a code to the closed beta is your reward. Read More »

New Microsoft Windows 10 Design Leaked


While the Creators Update is going to be significant, it might not be quite as flashy as another update, codenamed Project NEON, which Microsoft is expected to have ready before the end of the year. The design and interaction updates will make their way across to HoloLens as well, with visual elements being highlighted when you focus on them either by looking at them, or using a controller and cursor. Read More »

Honda Civic Type R will get CVT, no AWD


The new comes to us from CivicX , citing a report in the November issue of vehicle magazine, which includes an interview with senior Honda staff Mirsuru Kariya, Daisuke Tsutamori and Katsushi Inoue. The report reads, "Doubtless power will continue to be transmitted by today's magical six-speed manual gearbox, with its tightly packed ratios". Under the hood of the 2017 Honda Civic Type R, a 2.0 - liter turbo four - cylinder with more than 300 hp and 400 Nm of torque can be seen. Read More »

Happy New Year Status for WhatsApp Messages for New Year's Eve


New Year celebration ends with colourful fireworks, dance, drinks, games and a lot more. Say hello to a brand new year and a new chance to set everything right! Some prefers to celebrate the New Year with their friends, some prefers to celebrate with their families or young couples want to spend their new year eve in private. Read More »

Windows 10 Blue Screen Of Death Being Replaced

So what's the new big change? Windows' dreaded blue screen of death will soon be no more for Windows Insiders. Microsoft employee Matthijs Hoekstra teased the change on Twitter, and MSPoweruser reports that it was eventually discovered by Twitter user Chris123NT. Read More »

NES Classic Edition Walmart price gouging: don't get tricked


Unfortunately, getting the mini NES has been a real challenge, as it's constantly been sold out just about everywhere. There are still opportunities to find a Nintendo NES Classic in stock on Thursday, Dec. Among big retailers, Target is still selling the console, but only in its brick-and-mortar stores. According to Thrillist , shoppers can find a handful of options available like At Games ' Sega Genesis Classic Console that costs between $35 and $70 at Bed, Bath & Beyond and on Amazon. Read More »

Using Amazon Echo? Ask Alexa for a news briefing from The Southern

All three Echo products, the Echo, Echo Dot , and Echo Tap, are sold out on Amazon. But at this point, Amazon says the Echo Dot won't be back in stock until December 27. Once you find us, select The Southern and click Enable Skill. Meanwhile, the Amazon Echo Dot second generation in black is available on eBay for $79.99 , higher than its original $39.99 price. Read More »

You can now add background color to your Facebook posts


However, the status updates with color backgrounds posted by Android users can be seen on both the desktop platform as well as on iOS. iOS and the Web will be able to make their own colorful posts "in the coming months". Facebook is no doubt, one of the pioneers in the social media platform industry. It also changes the formatting on its News Feed. And Facebook does not want that. Read More »

Sony to roll out Android 7.0 Nougat Updates on Xperia devices


The roll out of Android 7.0 Nougat has already started on Sony Xperia X flagships, under which models like Xperia X, Xperia X Dual, and Xperia X Compact will be upgraded to the new OS. Android Nougat top features include instant apps, better notifications, enhanced user interface, more power saving optimizations, lower system requirements, seamless updates, Daydream VR, Google Allo and Duo messaging apps, improved multitasking and more . Read More »

Consumer Alert: Cuisinart Food Processor Recall Lawsuits?

These are the list of affected Cuisinart's model numbers which can be found at the bottom of the food processors: CFP-9, CFP-11, DFP-7, DFP-11, DFP-14, DLC-5, DLC-7, DLC-8, DLC-10, DLC-XP, DLC-2007, DLC-2009, DLC-2011, DLC-2014, DLC-3011, DLC-3014, EV-7, EV-10, EV-11, EV-14, KFP-7, and MP-14. Read More »

Windows 10 will let users schedule update downloads


Microsoft is now releasing builds for Windows 10 Insiders, who are testing out the upcoming features, and it seems that the company is giving Cortana more work to do, being expanded to Internet of Things devices. In other words, this means that users will be able to schedule Windows 10 update downloads just like they can now do with restarts. It's unclear exactly which automatic update caused the problem, or exactly when it was released-current (unconfirmed) signs point to KB3201845 ... Read More »

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Rumored Specifications and Release Date

Surface Pro 5 that will be launched next year as the "Ultimate mobile computer". Unfortunately, the Surface Pro 5 has not been released in 2016 and the main reason why this didn't happen is because Microsoft has chose to wait for the release of Intel's Kaby Lake processors. Read More »

Windows 10 for Qualcomm Chips - Intel Suffers


Microsoft's Terry Myerson made the projection saying that beginning next year Snapdragon ARM processors from Qualcomm will enable them to introduce the operating system to mobile devices. In the video below, a demo has revealed that Windows 10 can run smoothly with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 with 4GB of RAM, typical mobile phone specs. Read More »

GE puts Amazon Alexa inside a funky table lamp

Cleveland, Ohio-based GE is launching a suite of connected products. GE also tells me that the lamp will make its start in the U.S., as the Echo did, though it wouldn't rule out the possibility of expanding to other countries where Alexa is available, as well. Read More »

Free Updates Incoming for Final Fantasy XV: New Game Plus, Expanded Story


This includes adding additional event scenes that seem to flesh out character's backgrounds a bit more . We thank you for your continued support of Final Fantasy XV as well as the Final Fantasy series. Following that, they'll add to the story with new scenes that could, for example, explain why Ravus does what he did, and even longer term , more characters will be made playable. Read More »